Indian Zing drinks menu

Zing’s Special Wines

Sauvignon Blanc, Soultree
Nasik Valley, India
Vibrant and invigorating with notes of elderflower, pear and green herbs; tropical sauvignon that breaks from the mould, from the multi award winning Soul Tree Wine.* Zing Special 12% 2015/16 Bottle: £26.00
250ml: £10.00
175ml: £7.00
125ml: £6.50
Shiraz, Soultree
Nasik Valley, India
Gently balanced tannins with notes of black fruits and delicate hints of espresso, chocolate and mint.* Zing Special 12% 2014/15 Bottle: £26.00
250ml: £10.00
175ml: £7.00
125ml: £6.50

White wines

Colombard, La Lande
Vin de France
Hints of green apples, fruits and aromatic on the nose. Beautifully balanced acidity that gives the wine a crisp finish. *House Recommended 11.5% Bottle:£20.00
250ml: £7.50
175ml: £6.50
125ml: £6.00
Chardonnay, Les Templiers
Vin de Pays, France
A crisp white wine refreshing citrus fruit flavours.*House Recommended 13% Bottle:£20.00
250ml: £7.50
175ml: £6.50
125ml: £6.00
Pinot Grigio, delle Dolimiti
Terre del Noce-Italy
Crisp aromatic fruit, with a lively acidity and dry finish. 12% 2016/17 Bottle:£23.00
Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Pionero, Morande
Aromas of citrus, green apple, peaches, pears and some herbal notes. Fresh and crisp fruit flavours. 12.5% 2016/17 Bottle:£26.00
Organic Catarratto Montalto
Fruity with aromas of apples and nuts. Crisp yet rounded, with citrus peel and herb flavours. 12.5% 2016/17 Bottle:£27.00
Delas Languedoc France
Aromas and flavours of apricots, peaches and preserved citrus fruit. It is smooth and fresh, with hints of spice. 14% 2016/17 Bottle:£28.00
Riesling, Weinhaus Balthasar Ress
Grapefruit, lime and lemon peel aromas, with lively tropical fruits flavours and crisp citrus finish. 11.5% 2015/16 Bottle:£32.00
Gavi di Gavi La Meirana
Piedmont Italy
Distinctive greengage and almond flavours. Fresh and dry. 12.5% 2016/17 Bottle:£35.00
Chablis, Domaine JM Brocard
Elegant, mineral and complex chardonnay white wine. 12.5% 2015/16 Bottle:£42.00
Sancerre ‘La Croix du Roy’
Domaine Lucien Crochet, France
Ripe and pungent with complex fruit flavours of gooseberry and herbs. 14% 2015/16 Bottle:£44.00

Red wines

Carignan/Grenache, La Lande
Vin de France
Ripe red fruits on the nose, rich palate with a hint of peppery spice. Well balanced with soft tannins.*House Recommended 12% 2016/17 Bottle:£20.00
250ml: £7.50
175ml: £6.50
125ml: £6.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Les Templiers
Vin de Pays, France
Blackcurrant and blackberry flavours with ripe balanced tannins.*House Recommended 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£20.00
250ml: £7.50
175ml: £6.50
125ml: £6.00
Gamay, Duboeuf
Vin de Pays, France
Lively with a full aromatic character of crushed fresh berries. Recommended slightly chilled to match any spice dishes. 12.5% 2015/16 Bottle:£23.00
Reserva Merlot, Pioero, Morande,
Black fruit aromas with hints of herbs. Juicy fruit flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate on a long finish 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£25.00
Malbec, Finca La Colonia
Sweet and spicy aromas, reminiscent of black pepper. Ripe red fruit on the palate, smooth texture and harmonious finish. 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£27.00
Organic Nero d’avola Montalto
Aromas of red fruits and sweet spices. The fruit flavours continue on the round, generous palette. 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£29.00
Barbera d’asti Fullot Prunotto
Piedmont Italy
Fragrant on the nose with hints of plum and cherry. The flavours are well structured and soft, showing the typical red fruit. 14% 2016/17 Bottle:£31.00
Rioja Crianza Conde de Valdemar
Complex aromas of ripe black berries balanced with warm vanilla notes and a touch of subtle spice. 13.5% 2011/12 Bottle:£32.00
Brouilly, Château de la Perriere
Beaujolais, France
Balanced plum and soft cherry fruits flavours and ripe toasted oak. 12.5% 2014/15 Bottle:£34.00
Reserva Pinot Noir, Pionera, Morande
Casablanca, hile
Raspberry aromas with hints of spice and herb. Flavours of red berry, cloves, dark chocolate and coffee. 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£41.00
Chateau Lalande de Gravet St Emillion Grand Cru
A rich intense red with fleshy berry fruit flavours and long finish. 13% 2014/15 Bottle:£46.00

Champagne and sparkling wines

Prosecco VS Brut Itynera
Fruity, fresh, crisp and dry. 11% NV Bottle:£24.00
Testulat Carte d’ or Brut Blanc deNoirs Rich, fruity champagne with notes of vanilla and peaches. Elegant and well balanced. 12% NV Bottle:£55.00
Champagne Louis Roederer Brut Premier Structured and elegantly smooth with a complex palate. Combining white fruit and maturity. 12% NV Bottle:£70.00
Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée
Colchagua Valley, Chile
A high percentage of Pinot Noir gives a full-bodied style. 12% NV Bottle:£75.00
Testulat Brut Rosé Attractive pink champagne with refreshing, soft fruit flavours, a fine mousse and a dry finish. 12% NV Bottle:£60.00
Laurent Perrier Rosé Deep salmon colour leads a very fresh black fruit nose and then to this sensational rounded and supple palate. 12% NV Bottle:£75.00
Champagne Dom Perignon
Moet et Chandon
It exhibits aromas and flavours of lemon oil, orange rind and brioche in a medium bodied, zesty, rich, moderately intense style. 12.5% 2002 Bottle:£160.00
Krug Grande Cuvée A unique non-vintage champagne that is a blend of no less than 12 vintages. Once tasted never forgotten, the wine is an explosion of richness and freshness, power and finesse. 12% NV Bottle:£175.00


Cinsault Rosé La Lande
Languedoc, France
Dry, fruity and refreshing rosé from the Languedoc region. 12% 2016/17 Bottle:£20.00
250ml: £7.50
175ml: £6.50
125ml: £6.00
Cotes de Provence Rosé
St Roch les Vignes, France
Clean and dry fresh style of rosé, from one of the finest region. 13% 2016/17 Bottle:£24.00


Bollywood Masala
Crushed ice, vodka, mint, a tinge of garam masala, cranberry and pomegranate juice. £9.50
A classic Cuban cocktail made with fresh mint, unrefined cane sugar, lime juice and white rum to tantalise and refresh your senses. £9.50
Spicy Gin Sling
Crushed ice gin, fresh lime & ginger juice, tonic water.strong> £9.50
Rustic Indian Sour
Famous Grouse whisky, amaretto, angostura, crushed orange, soda. £9.50
Guru’s Old Monk
Old Monk, coke/ginger ale/soda, fresh ginger, gum syrup. £9.50
Brandy Crusta
Brandy, gum syrup, star anise seeds, soda, angostura, dash of cointreau. £9.50


Whiskey & Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Dark Rum, Bacardi, Sherry & Vermouth, Liqueurs, Cognac, Port
All Spirit are sold at £3.50 in measures of 25ml or £5.50 for 50 ml. Add a £1.00 for a mixer. 50ml: £8.00
25ml: £5.00
Mixer: £1.00


4.8% 330ml: £4.00
4.8% 330ml: £4.00
Stella Artois
4.8% 330ml: £4.00
Aspall Classic Organic Cyder
Suffolk, England
7.0% 500ml: £6.50
Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew
Chiswick , England
4.6% 500ml: £6.00
Fuller’s Classic Indian Pale Ale
Chiswick , England
5.3% 500ml: £6.00
Non/Low Alcoholic Beer
0.5% 500ml: £3.75

Soft drinks

Coke, D-Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Ale

Mineral water

Mineral Water Hildon is your local source of water from Hampshire, who support many UK charities. Still & Carbonated 750ml: £4.00

Juices and drinks

Organic Orange juice £3.50
Organic apple juice & elderflower cordial £4.00
Organic Orange & wild berries £4.00
Pomegranate & Cranberry juice £3.50
Tropical Lime juice (Sweet or Salted) £3.50
Lassi (Sweet, Salted or Mango) £4.50
Organic Chas (organic low fat yogurt, ginger, fresh coriander, cumin) £4.50
Ginger Ale £3.00

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