Father’s Day Special Lunch Menu



ٶ Samosa with chana masala
Samosa with peas and potatoes (Punjabi Samosa) served with greek yoghurt and chick peas curry.

Peas and potato tikki with sprouted beans
Peas and potato patti with spices and fresh herbs drizzled with yoghurt, tamarind and sprouted beans, garnished with assorted baby cress leaves.

ٶ Spicy Fish and Dill Patty
Seasonal fish patty with spices and fresh herbs (Dill, Spinach) griddled on a pan and served with onion and tomato relish.

Green Peppercorn Malai Tikka
(Served as a main course, please ask the waiter)
Succulent pieces of free-range chicken breast, marinated with fresh green peppercorns, cheese and cooked in a clay oven.

ٶ Lamb Salli
Lean minced lamb with fresh fenugreek, mint, coriander, spices, stuffed with homemade cottage cheese and served with spicy tomato and onion relish.

(Please select any one main course served with vegetable of the day and Naan or Rice)

ٶ Kadai Paneer
Succulent pieces of Indian cottage cheese stirred fried with bell peppers, onion, tomatoes,green chillies and simmered in light tomato gravy finished with fresh herbs in zing style.

ٶ Fish Shirale
Seasonal fish in a delicate sauce of spices, herbs, and gram flour, a virgin extract of coconut milk and finished with onion and tomato masala.

ٶٶ Zing’s Chicken Jalfrezi
Succulent pieces of tandoori free-range chicken tikka, stir-fried with onions, peppers, tomatoes, green chillies and simmered in light tomato gravy finished with fresh herbs in Zing style.

Chicken Makhani
Succulent pieces of tandoori free-range chicken tikka, simmered in tomato and fenugreek gravy.

Lamb Roganjosh
Lamb cooked in a traditional Awadh way with a unique flavour of rogan (tinged, flavoured and spiced oil) and josh a strong punch of knuckle juice and marrow.

(Please select any Dessert)

Dairy vanilla with pods
Thick, creamy vanilla ice cream spotted with ground aromatic vanilla pods.

Dairy milk chocolate chip
Smooth milk chocolate dairy ice cream with rich, dark chocolate chips.

Gulab Jamun
Caramelised milk dumplings served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream .

Tropical lime sorbet with zest
A mouth watering tropical lime sorbet.

Errors and Omission Exempted * Service charge at our guest’s discretion. But an optional 12.5 % is added to your bill. * All major credit card & debit card accepted * All prices are VAT inclusive in Pound Sterling. Allergies: We cannot guarantee that any of our foods are free from nuts or nut derivatives or dairy products as we work in an environment, which includes these ingredients. We will do our best to isolate these ingredients please tell the waiter of your special needs. We will do our best to ensure that our food is free from GM (genetically modified ingredients) and MSG.

ٶ Spicy

ٶٶ Very Spicy