Indian Zing

Indian Zing, 236 King Street, London, W6 ORF, UK

Indian Zing

Indian Zing, 236 King Street, London, W6 ORF, UK

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Tatler Restaurant Guide: a great neighbourhood restaurant

“This is a great neighbourhood restaurant where they always greet you cheerfully, even when they are full- which is often.”
Tatler Restaurant Guide, 2013

Michelin Guide: refined Indian cooking

“The enthusiastic Chef-owner offers well-judged flavoursome and quite refined Indian cooking from across all parts of the country.” Michelin Guide, 2013

The Good Food Guide: Manoj Vasaikar’s polished cooking

“Manoj Vasaikar’s polished cooking is full of refreshingly light, up to the minute flavours and thrilling contrasts, with organic ingredients given due respect.”The Good Food Guide, 2014

Zagat: Modern takes on traditional Indian food

“Modern takes on traditional Indian food’ bring ‘real pizzazz’ to this ‘relaxed’, upscale ‘gem’ ‘tucked away’ in Hammersmith (Ravenscourt Park), a white-tablecloth affair with a ‘strong wine list’ and prices that are only slightly ‘expensive’, ‘charming’, “attentive” staff are another reason fans feel it’s ‘worth a trip’ from afar, particularly for the ‘fabulous lunch […]

Harden’s: They must be missing Michael Winner

“‘They must be missing Michael Winner’, at what used to be his (Michael Winner) favourite curry house, near Ravenscourt Park, Manoj Vasaikar’s ‘delicate’ and ‘original’ cuisine is as ‘outstanding’ as ever.” Hardens, 2014

Indian Zing

As a fine dining neighbourhood restaurant, my team and I strive to run Indian Zing as an establishment which offers authentically prepared quality Indian cooking with just a modicum of a twist. We also offer a service which is at once friendly and highly efficient.

With my training forged as a chef in some of […]

Jeremy Wayne, Guardian: Value for money 10/10

“Everything here is nicely understated: the welcome is warm but not gushing, china and glass sparkle, and the bill is extremely fair. Value for money 10/10.” Jeremy Wayne, Guardian, March 2006