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Zing’s Christmas Season Menu

Compliments of the Season
15th – 24th December – Dinner only: 6pm till 11pm.
25th Christmas Day – Lunch only: 12:30 – 3:30pm.

All main courses come with Indian trimmings: spicy seasonal vegetables, potatoes, rice and naans.


Exotic Vegetables & Beans Patti Vegetables, beans, spices, herbs, onion, tomato, relish. £6.50
Shrimp & Methi Cutlets Shrimps, herbs, spices, fenugreek, green relish, water cress. £8.00
Kerala Stir fry Beef with Hoppers Aged beef, robust spices, strong herbs, hoppers. Spicy £7.50
Pork Sorpotel with steamed Rice Waffles Pork offals, spices, palm vinegar, rice waffles. Spicy £7.00

Main course

Exotic Mushroom Lonvas Seared exotic mushrooms, Sun dried Anglo-Indian bottle masala, Coconut milk.  Spicy £11.00
Caldinho de legumes Exotic tropical vegetables, fine herbs, coconut milk. £11.00
Turkey Jalfrezi with Caramelised Cranberry Seared turkey, spices, herbs, vegetables, Cranbury crush. Very spicy £12.00
Kuttanadan Duck leg curry Pot roast duck in fiery roasted Kerala spices.  Spicy £12.00
Gomes Fish Jhol A fish stew tomatoes, onion, aubergine, okra, potatoes and spices.
(Add £4.00 for Jumbo Prawn)
Spicy £13.00
Zing’s wild boar sausage curry Seared wild boar, new potatoes, robust goan spices, balsamic vinegar. Spicy £11.00


Christmas Pudding An exotic traditional Christmas pudding with brandy custard (plain or spicy). £7.00
Bebinca Multi-layered traditional Goan gateaux made up of virgin extract coconut milk and flour served with Cointreau Custard. £6.50

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Allergies: We cannot guarantee that any of our foods are free from nuts or nut derivatives or dairy products as we work in an environment, which includes these ingredients. We will do our best to isolate these ingredients, please tell the waiter of your special needs.